House of Deeth Version 1.0

Deer and me, sitting in our living room.

Our house was recently lost to us. However, I managed to take a few screenshots, as well as some video during our time having it. Deer did a wonderful job decorating it, so I’m glad I at least have some photo (and video!) evidence of her amazing work. She really is supremely creative, and I think our house really shows one aspect of that. These few pictures really do not do the house justice, but they’re all that remains of something that brought great joy to my life, for the small time it was in it. Thanks Deer for making this for us, I’m sorry that I lost it.

Video walk through of our house, made it to test recording settings, glad I did. ^__^

House Entrance.

Living room from another angle.

Dining table, we rarely used this, however it was great for when we had guests. Waterfall in the corner for ambiance.

Our kitchen, only shot I managed to take, it was fairly new to our house.

Our bedroom, complete with stuffed animals. ^__^

Sleeping on my poring bean chair. So comfy! (Pay no attention to the Yoko Littner body pillow…)

Our bathroom, mmhmm…I use my laptop on the toilet..but you knew that!

Laundry Room, and our wedding picture? >.<

And the upstairs….

View of our Meeroo room and Deer room.

Meeroo Room.

The ‘Deer’ room upstairs.

Another angle of the ‘Deer’ room.

This house meant a lot to Deer, however, I know we’ll find another house soon, a better house, a stronger house, a…well you get the idea! Anyway, I already have a place in mind, that will allow Deer to have the creative freedom we lacked in this house. After everything was placed in this house, we were over our prim limit by 2000 prims! I would like to thank Claire Bricklin, our wonderful landlord, for allowing us to make this house, and letting us go over prims. Sorry if we ever caused you trouble!

Goodbye House ;__;