Waleed’s Character Backstory (August 2011 Contest Entry)

It’s finally come to this, I’am facing Ragnaros himself. Only, most of the raid has been wiped out, and it is up to me and that paladin to finish him off. “RAAGHH!” Ragnaros took a swing of his mighty hammer, barely skimming my head. “OOOOGHH” What’s that? Oh no! The paladin is wounded!

“Sorry Waleed! We have no chance, I’ll go tell Stormwind to send in reinforcements, hang in there!” *Bubble-hearthed*
“WHAT!!!” I can’t believe you just left me here!”
“RAWGHH!” Ragnaros takes a swing.
“Oh !@#$..”

So, how did I get here you ask? Well one day, I was out in Westfall, by the dust plains, picking some herbs for the Rhasta apothecary, when I seen a glimmering shard, sticking out from a firebloom flower. Upon closer inspection, I realized this was no ordinary shard, it was a legendary eye of Sulfuras! But how can this be? The Molten core must be at least 4 or 5 thousand yards away, and even then, it is under ground.

I heard some footsteps coming from around the corner of the tower.
“You fool! I should have you incinerated!” I quickly vanish into sight.
“Do you not understand what Ragnaros will do to us if we do not bring the artifact back? He will sic Magmadar on us!” These words, this tone of voice, I have heard it before. Proudmoore..”
“Sorry master, I’ll look harder!” Says the blundering peon.
“This is pointless, don’t flinch, this won’t last long.” Proudmoore begins casting a powerful pyroblast. Seconds later, a flame erupts, knocking me out of stealth.”

“Ahh, sneaky rogue, this is not you’re place night elf. Were you eavesdropping on me? Well, I think I have the mana to destroy you aswell….Wait, what is that glimmering shard in you have there. The eye….” Proudmoore begins to cast a spell. I try to run, but quickly, I’am immobilized.
“Don’t try to escape from me. And, I’ll be taking that!” Proudmoore begins channeling a spell, which quickly snatches the eye from my possession.
“Okay, now, you die.”
I’am in a tight situation, I’am to weak to escape this immobilization, and the roaring flame developing within her palms is ever increasing in mass. I close my eyes, accepting the fate at which was chosen for me.

I open my eyes, only to see the that the blast is nearly complete.
“ARGHH! Hammer of Justice!… immune? oh no.” This dwarf came out of the blue. “Paladin? You’ve crossed paths with the wrong….” Before Proudmoore can finish her words, the paladin throws a shield over himself and I. We are quickly teleported back to Stormwind.
“Paladin bubbles.. How pathetic.”

“What in the name of ulduar were you doing there? You almost got incinerated, night elf!” Said the Dwarf. “I was but picking flowers, when I came across an artifact, but Proudmoore took it from me, it seemed quite valuable to her.”
“We must tell Varian immediately! To the keep!!” The Dwarf summons a holy steed for himself. “I’ll meet you there!” he said.

“So Waleed, is it true, you confronted Proudmoore?” said Varian.
“Yes, it is true. I came across this artifact that she called, the eye.”
“You mean the eye of Sulfuras?” Said Varian in a questionable tone.
“Yes, I believe so.”
“Quick! We must gather forces! Waleed, Stormwind needs your assistance, Can you lead my troops to the Molten core? I’ll appoint a high commanding officer to aid aswell.”
“The molten core? I’ll be burnt to crisps!” I said.
“No, not with this outfit you won’t…You do not understand how powerful that eye really is. We must reclaim it if we want a chance at defeating Proudmoore. Only with the eye can we create the legendary Hammer of Sulfaras.”
I put on the tights and, rough tunic. “This is very uncomfortable sir.”
“Well atleast you won’t burn as easily…Make haste night elf! My troops should be posted at the gates…Who the hell is this dwarf?”
“Oh, he saved me from Proudmoore.”
“Good, we can use as many men as we can” said Varian.
“Oh dear..” whimpered the Paladin.

Fast forward a bit, and now, we are back to my starting point. All of Varian’s troops have been burnt to crisps. The Paladin has used his hearthstone, And I, stand alone.
“HAGHHAGHHAGHH! You are left alone, but, I’ll let you live night elf. Go back to your city, with word of defeat!” I’am blasted by a flame in to the Blackrock depths. The suit kept the burns minimal.

“I’ll see you yet again Ragnaros..” I said to myself, as I sneaked through the Depths, enroute Stormwind.


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