Mystory’s Character Backstory (August 2011 Contest Entry)

Growing up, Mystory was just a normal girl nothing special but felt the need to be more than just “normal”….  After meeting a wise old mage named Khadgar, who was not actually old but rather a spell was cast upon him as a form of punishment, would later teach her everything he knew from all of the magical creatures in Azeroth. Learning from this mage, Mystory learned how to stay young and beautiful forever to be immortal….

Mystory quickly became a hero to all she knew! Being such a famous and beautiful Arcanist of Dalaran she gained respect and power. Years later, the city fell in the third war,Mystory lost all of her friends and family to a mysterious plague and the frivolousness of unwanted war.

Not being able to keep the head up she once held so very high, she fell into a deep depression involving a downward spiral of drinking and being alone, which lead her to a very familiar yet “unwanted crowd” in a local Stormwind bar.

Learning over time these were more than just some outcasts, that left shadowed memories in her mind, she quickly found out these were other mages of Dalaran who had became masters of the dark arts. Devoted to furthering their understanding and use of shadow and fire based magics, along with the summoning of demons from within the Twisting Nether made her CRAVE this power. Taking the souls from others, to gain revenge for her loved ones lost, lead her to be such a powerful warlock the Shadow Council had put out several bounty on her head. All with the heads of the bounty hunters sent back in a bag.

When Deathwing attacked Azeroth Mystory summoned demons who she disguised as humans to help protect the city. She felt no need to go save the world after banishing the undead from Icecrown.

Currently she resides in Stormwind above the local barber-shop keeping a low profile avoiding people and practicing dark magic…tolerated but not trusted.


  1. Tala

    Whoops, copy and pasted this into the wrong field. What I wanted to say was, Good luck!!!!

  2. Etherealmist

    I got your back!

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