Gayhem’s Character Backstory (August 2011 Contest Entry)

It was year 20 in the world of Azeroth.. War had just started to break out between the Horde and the Alliance.. Internment camps were erecting all over the Eastern Kingdoms; The Alliance became known for capturing Horde civilians and forcing them to work in gold mines.

Deep in the jungles of Stranglethorn Vale at one specific work camp “Fort Or Kalar,” operations were lead by a short cocky paladin known to his troops as General Gayhem.. This man was ruthless in the way he treated the slaves.. Rumors spread that Gayhem was so angry because he was much shorter than the other generals and so he felt he got less respect because of it. Others said it was because he was teased growing up for his ridiculous name.

Either way his brutal tactics got him his reputation.. Gayhem had a rule that if a slave even looked at him cockeyed they would lose one finger; This would add up until the slave lost his hand.. This way the troops could tell who had gotten out of line the most often..

General Gayhem had a much larger brother named Homar.. Homar was just a troop, but he was Gayhem’s right hand man.. If a slave needed a beating Homar was the one to do it. Although Homar was younger Gayhem always felt inferior in his presence.. Call it Napoleon’s complex if you will… but it made Gayhem furious that no matter what he did he could never become the man that his brother is.. This frustration was always taken out on the slaves.

The General’s reputation grew so big that word started to travel through the jungle… Eventually the rumors reached a dark lowly place far North of Fort Or Kalar.. The terrors that plagued this land are what gave it the vomit-inducing name “The Plaguelands..” The awful creatures that inhabited the area were known as “The Scourge..”

The one man who controlled these terrible beings was known as “The Lich King.” The reason that such a powerful monster even cared about such an insignificant human as Gayhem was unknown, maybe it was because The Lich King wanted to be the most feared… But nonetheless what followed was something straight out of a horror movie.

It was the middle of the night in Fort Or Kalar, and General Gayhem was fast asleep in his cabin. Tossing and turning and grunting, the short paladin must have been trapped in a terrible nightmare.. He woke up screaming, crying at the top of his lungs.. But not because of what he saw in his dreams… Gayhem opened his eyes to see his brother Homar chewing off his fingers..

“AGHH… HOMAR!!! What on earth are you doing?!” But no response came from his younger brother.. Gayhem was forced to kick his brothers head over and over again as he tried to get his hand free, losing two of his fingers in the process.. He grabbed Homar by the back of his hair and stared into his eyes, the man he saw looking back at him was no longer his brother. In fact he wasn’t even a man! His skin was pale white; The color was washed from his eyes, just glowing pupils.. What was staring back at Gayhem was a man without a soul..

The General threw his brother to the floor and burst out of the cabin door… He cried for his troops to come help him but saw nothing but a sea of blank faces looking back at him, no expressions, just colorless corpses standing at attention. He looked around to see that the slaves were out of their cages standing along with his former troops.. It then occurred to Gayhem that this was no longer his camp to run.. The slaves and the troops were all working against him. Gayhem dropped to his knees screaming for his life.

At that moment the wall of lifeless beings was parted, and through the pathway walked a dark figure covered in armor, his black cape followed behind him as he walked up to the cowering general. Gayhem looked up at the towering being standing before him. Drawn to his glowing eyes, he stopped screaming and waited for the monster to speak. The being let out a grunt with no words following.. General Gayhem then averted his eyes to the floor and waited for imminent death..

As the giant raised his sword up to the sky a loud roar rang out coming from behind Gayhem.. “CHAARGE!” Alliance troops rushed the area and the Lich King retreated back through his army of undead and yelled “Slay them all!” Troops rushed past the kneeling general and charged into the swarm of scourge..

While the battle raged on Gayhem ran to the wall of allies still standing behind him.. The troops ended up being too much for the terrible scourge army and they were forced to retreat. To this day Gayhem pledges his allegiance to the Alliance and that he will one day destroy the Lich King for killing his brother….

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