Random Guild Wars 2 Screenshots

Well I didn’t feel like posting all these yesterday, but I figured I might as well just in case someone had any interest in non-terrible youtube quality views of the UI and ingame what-nots.

Enjoy the random conversations of Deeth as a special bonus! (and sorry Diablo 3 fanboys, no 1024×800 screenshots here!)


Guild Wars 2 Stress Test Adventures


Well, it came as a surprise to me, but there was a stress test scheduled today from 11am to 6pm PST for Guild Wars 2. I managed to get on and make the 3 classes I wanted to try, Mesmer, Necromancer, and Guardian. I started out playing the Mesmer first, and instantly fell in love. You start out with a sword, which was odd to me, but hey, I went around beating things down with it no problem, not to mention with a pretty purple glow effect to boot!

My pretty Mesmer! *O*

I decided to make a video for each character while playing them, nothing to special, and a lot of failure, but here it is none the less for Mesmer!



I had a lot of fun playing the necromancer, mostly when I would get knocked down and do like 5x more damage than I was when I was live, no big deal…anyway here is the necromancer game-play video!

That’s pretty much it, I didn’t really have time to play to much else, although I did make an elemetalist to mess around with, but by then the stress test was starting to have issues so I just called it a day.

Sexy Norn Elementalist! Deer’s favorite! 😛

Deer and I playing Guild Wars 2 together!

Well this wasn’t really meant to be much of a post, as I didn’t have much time to prepare, but I wanted to at least share a little bit of my initial experience with Guild Wars 2. It should hopefully turn out to be a really great MMO!

Oh, real quick, my MALE (I know..etherealmist playing a male? wtf) NORN GUARDIAN!



Preparing for Guild Wars 2 – Hall of Monuments Progression

As I stated in a previous post, Deer and I have been playing a bit of Guild Wars in order to get some cool unlockables in Guild Wars 2, when that finally comes out.

My Hall of Monuments progression, so far.

We’ve been at it for a bit, and we’re both doing pretty well. So far I’m at 38 out of 50 points, my goal, for obvious reasons, being the title reward of “Legends of the Mists”. Deer is a little bit ahead of me in points, but I refuse to accept that it’s because she is better than me, so I chock it up to her having played the game longer than me!

We started out pretty well, we had a lot of help from people in world, surprisingly, after playing many other MMOs, are actually quite nice and helpful. Deer the money bags had a decent supply of ‘Globs of Ectoplasm’, which are an alternative form of currency in Guild Wars.

Not enough ectos!

So we set off trying to get the easy ones, armor, weapons, pets, the easy stuff. I still need 1 more set of armor, and some pets for a few more easy points, and to get around to getting our heroes their Hero armor for those points. I figure once we both get those points, we’ll be at 43 points, and then we only need to gather a few titles. I’ve been working on Hard Mode dungeons as well, got a pretty good hero comp that works for almost every single hard mode.

My Hero group, 3 Mesmer, 2 Necro, 1 Rit, and one Smiter Monk. I sometimes add a pure healer when needed, which is rare.

My current “Main”, Fully Operational, a Dervish turned Ritualist.

As Guild Wars 2 gets closer to release I suspect I’ll be playing a bit more as well. I know Deer’s mom, aka Afternoon Songbird, is trying to get 30 points (and last I heard, has 30 points), as she loves to play games with us. I had never played Guild Wars until these last couple months, and I wish that I had. It was pretty fun playing in both groups, and by myself with my own Hero groups. If anyone would like to get down sometime, I’m in-game as Fully Operational most of the time, and rarely I’ll play my Ranger, Ethereal Hurricane.

I would suggest anyone seriously considering playing Guild Wars 2, at least give Guild Wars 1 a shot. The game-play wont be the same or anything, but the lore is rather interesting, and really easy to get into. (And even more fun when your B.F.F. is a nerd-gushing lore-master! )

I’ll spare everyone a gallery, but I’ll post a few more images that I uploaded from guild wars:

My Ranger, Ethereal Hurricane, shortly after hitting level 20.

Getting Legendary Survivor (1,337,000 xp without dying), pretty nerdy in itself!

My Hall of Monuments armor for Fully Operational…SO PINK!

Anyway, that’s all I got so far, just wanted to make a fun little post about Guild Wars and H.O.M.
See ya all in world!


What is wrong with me?

So it has come to my attention that listening to Linkin Park is considered “emo”. I mean I listen to Linkin Park when I’m not emo so maybe I’m just emo all the time? Well anyway, I figured that can’t be true, and I think I found some proof!

Linkin Park plays from my Last.FM library.

And now the counter-point…BRITNEY SPEARS!

Britney Spears, CRUSHING Linkin Park in total plays!

So, not really sure what to make of this, but I blame Deer for FORCING me to listen to Britney Spears. Maybe I really am emo!



Prepurchased GW2

You’re very welcome!

So after missing the first beta weekend due to my own idiotic ways (Deer can attest!), I decided to pre-purchase Guild Wars 2. I have been informed that there will be another beta weekend happening at the end of this month so I thought I would try the game out. I normally don’t really care to much about playing betas of games, but I figured I might as well try out the classes and see what one of the three I have in mind I like the best.

Anyway, this post isn’t much, just a quick update as I’ve had a few people ask me what I’ve been doing.

I’m sure Deer and I will be playing Guild Wars 1 from time to time to try to finish off our achievement points that transfer over to GW2. Hit me up on Ethereal Hurricane, or Fully Operational if you wanna get down!

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