Neverwinter: Fists of the Warband

Quest play-through of Fists of the Warband on my Trickster Rogue.


Neverwinter: Sewer Crawl


More Neverwinter Videos

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Did a couple more levels as I wanted to try to get one of the mounts from the ‘Challenge of the Gods’ event that was happening for the next 2 days or so. No luck, but I did get a few couple videos done.

The first one is just a play-through of the Skirmish ‘Storming the Keep’, which is a level 19 to 31 skirmish. It’s decently long compared to the other skirmish runs before it. In the video I was trying to clear to get another chest but my group left me *shakes fist!*.

Skirmish: Storming the Keep – Level 20 Control Wizard

The second video, I decided to play my Trickster Rogue to get her to level 10. I did a few random overworld quests, and one instanced one, Finder’s Fee, which I did this video for. I don’t have stealth so I don’t really showcase anything special about Trickster Rogue in this video, other than me sucking at disarming traps. Enjoy the fail! heart

Quest: Finder’s Fee – Level 9 Trickster Rogue


Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter: Troubled Times Quest Video

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In my spare time I’ve been playing Neverwinter. In all honesty, I mainly just log on once a day to invoke unless I have a little free time. Today I got home from work with nothing really to do, so I started the game up and hopped into a quest.

I’m only level 21 at the moment, and I’m playing a Moon Elf Control Wizard. Personally, I think the game is kinda fun. It’s like other Cryptic games, such as Star Trek Online, where you can go play with others, or do things on your own. I kinda like that aspect in MMOs. Sometimes I really don’t want to wait for 20 minutes to queue up for dungeons!

Anyway, here is the quest Troubled Times. You gotta help this guys wife get better or she rages out and tries to destroy everything like the Hulk.hulk-smash

Neverwinter: Troubled Times Quest


Everquest Next: 64-bit Only, Also Videos

So I was parusing the EQN:Landmark Alpha forums and they got rid of their 32-bit server already, and officially announced they will no longer bother with even trying to do 32-bit:

Hey folks,

It’s just not realistic for us to pursue 32-bit OS any longer.

Landmark (and EQN) will be 64-bit OS games *only*.

If your machine is a 32-bit OS and you purchased a Founder’s Pack, then you only have two options:
a) Upgrade
b) Request a refund from Customer Service

We’re sorry, but it’s just not technically feasible for us to pursue 32-bit OS any longer. We apologize for the disappointment should you choose to not upgrade.

Also, I thought I’d post a few simple videos of the gameplay that I took on the first day (before they patched anything), just for funzies. Keep in mind, this is day one Alpha, and the game, as SOE estimates is only 60%, many things don’t work, and only the basic functionality is present.

Mining, more mining, and trying to place a land claim.

Messing with my claimed land and the Voxel building tools.

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