Warhammer Online: A Look Back

So after Warhammer Online finally closed its doors 2 months ago, I happened upon some screenshots from back in the day when I used to play, so I figured I’d upload them! My only regret is that I wish I had more. I thought Warhammer was a really fun game, especially for pvp. The class mechanics were fairly unique as well. Obviously I loved playing my Witch Elf, but I frequently played a sorceress as well. Sorcs were so fun on Tier 4 keep raids, throwing that AOE down on entire legions of players, WAAAGHHH!

Also, for bragging rights, Forserialmist, not only the best rogue in World of Warcraft (fact!), but also the highest renown holder of all time in Warhammer.


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  1. Nikos

    Perhaps if the cards made a nice rattling sound when I salpped them down?Seriously though, I do appreciate your thoughts on all this. The outside input is helping my creative juices flow a little more freely. I keep thinking my ideas are drifting towards an old game which saw humans in massive armor fighting four armed aliens in derelict space ships . only I’d be using d10. Maybe I’m subconciously trying to re-invent the wheel?The problem with you, Jake, is you make a good case for the things you like. You even make cards sound like a good idea!Regardless, all this goes on hold during the holidays I’ll have a shiny new Dreadball game to sort out by then!

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