More Neverwinter Videos

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Did a couple more levels as I wanted to try to get one of the mounts from the ‘Challenge of the Gods’ event that was happening for the next 2 days or so. No luck, but I did get a few couple videos done.

The first one is just a play-through of the Skirmish ‘Storming the Keep’, which is a level 19 to 31 skirmish. It’s decently long compared to the other skirmish runs before it. In the video I was trying to clear to get another chest but my group left me *shakes fist!*.

Skirmish: Storming the Keep – Level 20 Control Wizard

The second video, I decided to play my Trickster Rogue to get her to level 10. I did a few random overworld quests, and one instanced one, Finder’s Fee, which I did this video for. I don’t have stealth so I don’t really showcase anything special about Trickster Rogue in this video, other than me sucking at disarming traps. Enjoy the fail! heart

Quest: Finder’s Fee – Level 9 Trickster Rogue

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