Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter: Troubled Times Quest Video

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In my spare time I’ve been playing Neverwinter. In all honesty, I mainly just log on once a day to invoke unless I have a little free time. Today I got home from work with nothing really to do, so I started the game up and hopped into a quest.

I’m only level 21 at the moment, and I’m playing a Moon Elf Control Wizard. Personally, I think the game is kinda fun. It’s like other Cryptic games, such as Star Trek Online, where you can go play with others, or do things on your own. I kinda like that aspect in MMOs. Sometimes I really don’t want to wait for 20 minutes to queue up for dungeons!

Anyway, here is the quest Troubled Times. You gotta help this guys wife get better or she rages out and tries to destroy everything like the Hulk.hulk-smash

Neverwinter: Troubled Times Quest

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