Everquest Next: 64-bit Only, Also Videos

So I was parusing the EQN:Landmark Alpha forums and they got rid of their 32-bit server already, and officially announced they will no longer bother with even trying to do 32-bit:

Hey folks,

It’s just not realistic for us to pursue 32-bit OS any longer.

Landmark (and EQN) will be 64-bit OS games *only*.

If your machine is a 32-bit OS and you purchased a Founder’s Pack, then you only have two options:
a) Upgrade
b) Request a refund from Customer Service

We’re sorry, but it’s just not technically feasible for us to pursue 32-bit OS any longer. We apologize for the disappointment should you choose to not upgrade.

Also, I thought I’d post a few simple videos of the gameplay that I took on the first day (before they patched anything), just for funzies. Keep in mind, this is day one Alpha, and the game, as SOE estimates is only 60%, many things don’t work, and only the basic functionality is present.

Mining, more mining, and trying to place a land claim.

Messing with my claimed land and the Voxel building tools.

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