Guild Wars 2 – One Month In!

Well, it has been about a month since Guild Wars 2 was officially released, and I’ve been having a blast playing. I’m enjoying the different style of game that Guild Wars 2 brings to the ‘online gaming’ genre. I’ve witnessed tons of people complain about the game, and more expressing their joys of the game, and I personally have to say it has been overall a fun experience so far.

I started playing Guild Wars 1 last may(ish), so clearly I wasn’t some old school player in the GW universe. It took me some time to adapt to the different style of game GW1 was. It’s hard to call GW1 a MMO, but it really is. I’ve seen debate back and forth, but the only real difference is all the zones are instanced, and personal to you, or your group. I consider it an MMO, because after you reach max level in recent MMOs, you basically just sit in town anyway waiting for your raid to start. At least that’s all I did. The transition wasn’t that extreme. I had fun learning how to make groups with my heroes and getting them their spells. There are a ton of things you can do in the game, that really, you can do by yourself. I like that. I’ve always liked being able to do things myself, if I wanted to. In Everquest, my alts (twinks) where necro and bard. First necromancer, then bard, when they became able to solo with ease (I suppose they always could, it just became even easier).

So close…yet so far. πŸ™

My goal, which I never fully accomplished, was to get 45 points in my Hall of Monuments, for unlocks in Guild Wars 2. I quickly became immersed in the lore of the game, something I haven’t been able to do in a game for a long time. In my free time (also called, while at work), I found myself surfing the official wiki, reading all about the lore and things of the game. It was pretty interesting and fairly original for the most part. I got about 40 points, and plan to go back at some point to get the others.

Ethereal Hurricane

He does indeed…

Anyway enough about that! For Guild Wars 2, I wanted to make my first character a Human, for lore reasons. They were obviously the only race in the first game, so I wanted to ‘continue where it left off’, and also get a feel for the other races. I have to say, male characters in Guild Wars, if I may be so bold, don’t look like complete crap. So it was fun to actually want to play a guy (yes I’m wow bashing). I had fun spending about 20 minutes or so working on my Human’s looks. The sliders in the game make it easy to make a custom look that no one else will have, but also keep things simple enough so you don’t create a disaster of a character…unless you really try…

A Sylvari Burn Victim. Poor thing >.<

I wanted him to look fairly young, typical thief with their charming looks! I had a feeling (lucky guess? :P), Deer would make a younger looking character as well, so I thought it would be fun to mirror that. She always makes up crazy character-lore, so I thought I’d make it fun for that.

Hehehehehehehehehehe what do we have here….


I chose Thief, because for some reason, I always pick a stealthy class as my main. They are always the most interesting, for me. I enjoyed playing Guardian, Necromancer, Mesmer, and Thief, during the betas, but I think I enjoyed Thief most of all. I started out wanting to do it all. I finished all 5 of the racial starting areas before moving on to the others. I enjoyed learning about the different races, and seeing what they were all about. I didn’t run too many dungeons on my thief, only running Ascalonian Catacombs twice, and then Arah, at level 80, for my final story dungeon. I wasn’t really enjoying thief so much once I hit 80. Melee in the game, at least it seemed, was kinda harsh. It took me some time to get used to how they work, you can’t just sit in melee all day. At any rate, I decided I should level up another character to play, just so I would have other options. So I chose to level a Norn Necromancer!

Forserialmist, best Necromancer on Hedge?! Sigh, just doesn’t have the same ring to it..

I wanted to make a female, and I wanted her to be ‘plain’ but fearsome looking. I think it’s fair to say my Norn looks way better than Deers (^__^). I found after 3 weeks or so of the game being out, it was a little slower leveling. There seemed to be less events going on. This gave me a chance to actually venture into other zones that I had skipped on my thief. It also made me want to try out some other dungeons. I ran quite a few story modes. AC, COF, TA, CM, and a few others while leveling. I also leveled up my tailoring, cooking, weapon smiting, and leather working to 400 on my characters. I must say, trade skills in Guild Wars are pretty worth while to do. On my necromancer I was able to make full exotic armor for only 1-2 gold total. Very helpful, as gold, when you first start, you can never have enough. I found a group that chain-ran Twilight Arbor Exploration Mode, I got the whole set for my necro, and plan to get it for my thief also. I ran Citadel of Flame a few times on my thief, which was pretty boring honestly. Nothing against ArenaNet, but fire zones, after playing WoW, are just boring, considering there are about 200 raids involving fire in that stupid game, or at least it feels like it. I’m glad I ran TA, the theme of the dungeon is a bit more interesting.

Deer wanted to get her Tier 3 Cultural armor for Human, as it reminded her of the armor her character in Guild Wars 1 had, and she plays her Mesmer as though it is a descendant of her Guild Wars 1 character, so we worked to get that. It took us both a while to farm for it, but we finally got it. I picked up a couple pieces of my cultural armor for my necromancer, although I opted not to get tier 3, as it just looks weird.

Deer with her full Human Cultural Tier 3 armor!

I tend to spend more time getting ‘things’ for my alts in most games, so I’ve naturally been spending more time on my necromancer. I’ve gotten her a ton of different styles of armor, but I currently like the look of the crafted exotic armor. I wear different shoulders, however. I’m not really working toward getting a legendary, like most people seem to be rushing to get. I’ve been trying to explore and do different things in the game, such as jump puzzles and world exploration.

Shadow Behemoth in Queensdale

I have to say that the Dragon events in world are pretty fun to do. They are on static timers after they have been killed, which is nice, and they all spawn a chest after they have been killed. The game on face value might seem like it doesn’t have anything to do, but if you really get into it, there are thousands of things you can do! I spent almost a whole day doing just doing Keg Brawling. It’s kinda like pvp, except you don’t really kill anyone, you just fight to capture kegs…while giving the other team a beatdown the whole time! Punching, kicking, throwing kegs at their faces, what more could you want! Silly Norns…

I haven’t spent too much time yet doing spvp (which is basically like battlegrounds), or much World Vs. World, but from what little I have done, it’s pretty fun. I made guardian and mesmer alts just to spvp.

Jack a lope tonics are awesome!

I’ll be leveling my mesmer next, as my main goals for my characters will take some time to accomplish. I want to finish getting dungeon armor on my necromancer, and thief. With the recent updates I can play either class and get tokens for both, which is really nice! I didn’t feel like being forced to play one or the other, to grind.

All in all, I’m still having a great time in Guild Wars 2 after the first month, which is usually, for me, when most games tend to start waning off of their fun factor. Leveling alts are fun, and it’s always nice to be able to just leave the game whenever you wish. The game gets patched regularly, and they have almost no downtime throughout the week.

I hope others are enjoying the game as much as I am! Good luck and see you all in world!

Why am I always an idiot πŸ™

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