Guild Wars 2 Beta Videos! LOTS! WOWOWOWOW

So the Guild Wars 2 Beta weekend event is now over sadly. I had a blast playing all weekend, as well as recording a number of videos. I posted them all in 1080p, on youtube, but I’ll link them here (derp) as well! I hope you enjoy, but keep in mind all these videos were made during BETA so many things are unfinished!

City Exploration Videos:

Divinity’s Reach Exploration

Lion’s Arch Exploration

Class Videos:

Human Mesmer (Greatsword Combat)

Norn Warrior (Running Around the Norn Starting Area)

Random Fun:

Under Water Combat (Thief with Harpoon Gun)

Crafting System Demo – Leatherworking (enjoy the character backstory :P)

Truffles Farming! (A Renown Quest in Kessex Hills that turns you into a pig)

Human Noble Story Line Instances:

A Society Function (Done with Mesmer – No Combat)

The Trial of Julius Zamon (Done with Mesmer – Greatsword) ZOMG NEED MORE DPS

Voices from the Past (Done with Thief – Short Bow)

Rending the Mantle (Done with Thief – Short Bow)

The Sting (Done with Thief – Short Bow)

PvPing with Thief using a Short Bow

PVP Video 1 (Forserialmist is on a RAMPAGE!!)

PVP Video 2 (Best Thief on Blue Team!)

PVP Video 3 (I suck :()

For the next beta weekend, I’ll try to play some other things. I made a Charr Ranger, but I just never got around to making a video for it, I also created a video for exploring the Norn home town, but the video got messed up, so I’ll have to remake that next time as well.

I think I’ve made up my mind for this game, and Thief will be my class (I know big shocker, but hey I tried others!). I know I didn’t do any videos of me playing with daggers, swords, or pistols, but I did try out all those weapons, and they are pretty fun for me as well. I really like the combat of daggers, especially.

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