Eth, You’ve Changed

The ‘ethereal mists’ have transformed into an ‘ethereal hurricane’, creating devastation and destruction in its wake!

A good (breast? ^__^) friend recently told me, and helped me realize that I’ve been acting different, odd, and a few other negatives we won’t go into. Well I realized that I had, and just wanted to make this, OFFICIAL POST, declaring that I am back!

I’ve got a renewed sense of hope, life, and a few other things that I wont mention to help me along the way. FEAR NOT, because I’m still a beast, a gongsta like Pitbull, and still the BEST FUCKING ROGUE ON TICH IN THE WORLD (even though I don’t play anymore, deal with it shitters!).

Yeah, sometimes even the best of us fall, but its when we get back up and dominate all over everyone’s faces, whether it be in SWTOR, HON, or, hell, even Civ5 beatin’ down computer pacifists like Gandhi, that separate us from the weak.

Also, fk you….












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