5 Year Flashback: Deer and Eth at a FF Con

Lets take a trip down memory lane to  when Deer and Eth were still in high school…

Deer and I had just started to become really good friends. We were both into animé, gaming, and in particular, Final Fantasy! So when we heard there was going to be a Final Fantasy Gaming Convention we were all over that. Wait…whats that? It’s going to take place at a real life replica of Balamb Garden? YES PLEASE ^___^

Final Fantasy SeeDCon Entrance!

Our crew, Miki, Deer, RandomSquallXxX, and Eth

We got there early so we had free reign over the entire place. We decided to check out as much as we could before the crowd got there. We explored the library, the Quad, and the cafeteria first. After that we decided to take the elevator to the second level and check out the classrooms:

Deer and Eth checking out the computers, maybe one day we’ll join SeeD!

Deer and I snuck off, away from the rest of the group, to check out the “secret meeting area” in the training wing. It was so romantic. One of our most cherished memories!
(Thankfully we didn’t have to fight off any T-Rexaurs!! ^__^)

“Look into my eyes… You’re-going-to-like-me… You’re-going-to-like-me… Did it work?”
 -Deernoa Heartilly to Squeth Leonhart

Everyone had a blast all day checking out all the amazing locations of the Balamb Garden. It was so much fun, we really should go to more conventions, and return to our roots as nerds! (Deer obviously being the biggest nerd! ^__^)

“Thith ith the moth exciting day of my life!” – Deernoa

For Deer 

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