Goody Bye Tich/WOW ;(

Well it has been a long time coming, but I think it is finally time for me to accept that I am done playing WOW. It was a long and (for the most part) fun adventure. For me, I should have quit playing after Wrath of the Lich King was done, but I hung on, and hated every last minute of it. I accomplished enough (mostly pissing people off) that I can quit the game without really looking back, but of course I will miss a great many people that I have met along the way!

Desmora/Trusted/Tixex: I’ll miss you guys most of all, we played more than just WOW together, and hopefully I can stay in touch with you guys! (I know my vent went down)
Ultrazord: Thank you for being a really good friend. I know I screwed things up in the end, but I’ll always remember you. Fucking Melee DPS.
Tinythunder: Probably the coolest person I had the pleasure of meeting in wow. You taught me a lot, and made me laugh while doing it. I’ll miss your friendship, and again, I’m sorry for ruining it.
Pokkadot: Man you were one of my best friends, sorry I let you go. I hope one day you’ll forgive me, and you were right 🙁
Deer: We became really good friends near the end, I hope everything works out well for you! (Pssst! See you in Second Life!)
Buccus: BIG RUCCUS, Text me any time you wanna talk man, also, can you ask Ryan if he as seen my knife? It’s long and black.
Hotaruz: I say I just finish this post right now and lets go play HON, what do you say? ^__^

A lot of people I talk to on a regular basis (Mostly the pretty Draeneis!) , I’ll miss you all as well, just because I didn’t name you here, doesn’t mean I wont. I’ll remember everyone, even the retards ^__^

I’d like to thank everyone in <Malicious>, specifically Tsogara/Lillath for giving me a chance way back when. Without you guys, I probably wouldn’t have become the best rogue on Tich!

Fear not good friends, for Forserialmst shall be survived by the guild <Forserialmist>. I hear there are 120+ members online during the day, so I’m sure they’re terrorizing the server just fine. My legacy will live on through those retards….You’re Welcome!

I’d also like to give the only shout-out I’ll ever give to <Most Wanted>, for letting me blast them 24/7 and taking it like champs!

Ultrazord drunk on vent, talking about the Power Rangers, classic zord!

Here are some random screenshots that I thought were either funny, or hopefully some of the people in them will remember them! Enjoy!

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