Revisiting Final Fantasy XIII: Farming CP and Gil

Hey all, with the new Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII having been released last month, I thought I’d do another play-through of the first two. So I’ll be posting some stuff in the near future of those, as well as maybe some of the new game.

I just got a new capture card, an AVermedia Live Gamer HD, and it’s really nice, so I thought I’d put it to good use!

First up: Farming Tips. I know these are posted all over the internet, but most of them are in scattered locations, or information isn’t that clear. Hopefully I can try to one-up that, and be fairly complete here.

In most cases, the general consensus is to farm after getting to chapter 11. However, if you’re like me, you follow no man’s rules!


So the first spot that I’d stop for a bit and farm would be in chapter 7, in Palumpolum, at Hope’s house, killing the constantly respawning trooper guys. They give decent CP, but more importantly, they drop credit and incentive chips, the latter selling for 2.5k gil a pop. This takes place AFTER you talk to his dad, and after viewing the TV, they start spawming. All you have to do is keep running around in the loop to get them to respawn.

hopes house farming


I will say, that this farming location isn’t necessary, unless you’re trying to make the next chapter or 2 more of a cakewalk, but to each their own. I personally spent an hour here, which gave me enough CP to flesh out every aspect of my Crystarium up to chapter 11, and then some, giving me a greater advantage for when I actually wanted to farm CP in chapter 11. Speaking of Chapter 11, we’ll move on to there. (IMO, 9 and 10 aren’t that great for farming, and they’re really short, about an hour long total)


Some people say the best spot is farming the Behemoth King and a Megistotherian, I disagree and say skip it, head into Mah’habara, and do the loop there. It requires zero thought from you, it’s constantly respawning, and the drops are decent enough to at least flesh out all your tier 1 items to star level, fore free. You get about 20-27k CP in about 7ish minutes, depending on if you’re getting preemptive attacks (which you should be trying to do). Once you get to the Juggernaugh, either walk back, or engage and retry to respawn everything (I normally just walk back as the cutscene etc isn’t worth my time).


At the very end of chapter 11, after you have killed Barthandelus, do not get on the ship to Eden, warp back to The Archylte Steppe, and you can farm Adamantoise for tons of gil and trapezohedrons. I farmed 2 of these before moving on to chapter 12. This strategy also works in chapter 12.

I went ahead and made a video in 1080p for you guys! It explains everything you need to know to Death spam your way to millions of gil.

Adamantoise Farming Guide!



Chapter 12, there is really only 1 place that’s even worth farming, in my opinion, and that’s right before the final battle against the second Proudclad. Basically you just run back and forth killing the sexy girls and those crazy gumby looking guys. Perfume is a pretty common drop if you have both catalogs equipped, and Scarletite drops a fair amount as well. This can be used to upgrade many accessories and weapons (lvl 21 weapons?). I’d say get 10 or so before leaving here. The Sacrafices occasionally cast Death, you shouldn’t be too worried as it almost never lands, but there is a chance. Safe often, although it really doesn’t matter in FF13.

eden hall map

If you haven’t farmed before, or are kinda behind and want to beef up a bit, there is a decent location in Siren Park to farm, and the item drops are pretty good too, money wise, so it’s not a total waste of time.

Basically you just run around in a loop, all over, murdering everything, especially the Sanctum Inquisitrixs. They drop the phat lewtz.

eden siren park

After this, basically everything is opened up to you in chapter 13. Farm or slay what you want, with adamantoise probably being something of primary interest until you get your main team their tier 3 weapons.


Warhammer Online: A Look Back

So after Warhammer Online finally closed its doors 2 months ago, I happened upon some screenshots from back in the day when I used to play, so I figured I’d upload them! My only regret is that I wish I had more. I thought Warhammer was a really fun game, especially for pvp. The class mechanics were fairly unique as well. Obviously I loved playing my Witch Elf, but I frequently played a sorceress as well. Sorcs were so fun on Tier 4 keep raids, throwing that AOE down on entire legions of players, WAAAGHHH!

Also, for bragging rights, Forserialmist, not only the best rogue in World of Warcraft (fact!), but also the highest renown holder of all time in Warhammer.



Neverwinter: Orc Assault Skirmish

GameClient 2014-02-09 04-11-53-20

Just doing a little skirmishing in Orc Assault. As per usual, showing up fashionably late, and still taking home gold. Typical.


Anyway, I’d do more skirmishing but they don’t really give that much experience, and these greedy jerks always take gear away from #1. They should really have some sort of weighted system for people who are clearly superior to get better things easier. Just sayin’.


Neverwinter: The Plague Tower


Neverwinter: Spellburst

Quest play-through of Spellburst on my Trickster Rogue.

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